Building Your Radio Commercial: Part 3 – “Who”

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Tue 1 Mar 2016
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Building Your Radio Commercial: Part 3 – “Who”


A radio commercial is always a dialog. Even if there’s only an announcer, it’s still a dialog.  (I have my own philosophy on “two people talking”. We’ll go over that bane of my existence some other time.)

The listener – your customer – is sitting in their car, at their desk, in the garage, or by the pool. If they need what you’re offering, they have already thought about you. They have had an inner dialog with themselves…

  • “Ugh…what are we going to have for dinner tonight?”
  • “I’m not so sure the car is going to make it much longer.”
  • “We have GOT to start saving for retirement!”
  • “My grandmother made that quilt and it needs to be washed…I can’t just throw it in the washing machine…”

This is where you come in.

Your company, your products, your services:  that’s the answer to their side of the dialog.

But who are you talking to?

First, there were demographics.

Bits and pieces of fact about your customers:

Females, between 25 and 35 years old, married with small children.

Males, 35 to 65 years old, in middle to upper management.

If you’re selling luxury boats, folks only making $18,000 a year really aren’t your target market. 

If you’re a dry cleaner, you’ll have more customers that work in an office than on an assembly line. While these facts and tidbits are beneficial, you’re still missing a lot of the picture.


Then, there were psychographics.

Correlating activities and beliefs with certain facts.

How about:

The couple in their early 30s getting ready to buy a house.  

The 55 year old male, considering his first sports car (for a cliche’ to exist, there must be examples, right?)

The working parents with 2 kids, looking at a 2nd car for errands and “family taxi”. Associating the facts with a mind set.

Then, came tribes.

Seth Godin popularized the idea of “tribes” and it really starts to fill in the empty spaces and give you a more complete picture of your customer.  

Regardless of socio-economic standing, regardless of age, regardless of job, regardless of status…each consumer of a specific product or service has a common foundation.

  • If you think investing is for the rich-elite, what about the stories of the janitor who leaves millions of dollars to the elementary school?
  • Running, jogging, marathons:  there are CEOs and assembly line workers who both enjoy it.
  • Fishing:  from the kid on the bank with a cane pole, to the family that rents a 40’ charter – it’s still fishing.

Regardless of income, where they live, who they hang out with, what level of education they attained…the people who enjoy the same activities, products or services, have the same mindset regarding the activity, product or service.

radio advertising audience

Yes, it’s valuable to ask, “who is my ideal customer?”  That will start to paint a picture…but more like a paint by number canvas.  It can be too simplistic, too cut and dried and still exclude a lot of your customers.

Ask yourself – or better yet, ask your customers – “What is your life like right now without this in your life?”  “This” is whatever you’re selling.

Then ask, “What is your life like, or what will it be like, after you buy from us?”

Put yourself in their shoes, see life through their eyes and you’ll see your company through a completely different lens.  Find out what they’re thinking, how they feel, what they want…and you’re in a whole new realm of advertising.

Speak their language, and your radio commercials will draw them in like moths to a flame.

Adwise Creative has been producing and creating radio campaigns over the years that have dealt with many of the things you read above. When it comes to your radio ads you want to make sure you are able to target your customers the right way. Contact us today to help you get your radio ad started today.

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