The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Radio Commercials

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Radio Commercials

When you sit down to create your next radio campaign, here are a few basic questions to help stack the deck of success in your favor.

Radio Commercial: The Ultimate ChecklistWho am I talking to?

Be very specific – describe your stereotypical customer.  And don’t say “everybody”.  The people who buy from you are they: more men than women?  Married or single?  Kids or no kids?  Blue collar or white collar?  College education?  The more you can describe your ideal, prospective customer, the better you’ll know how to talk to them, in their own language.

What is the best thing my product or service will do for them?

So, you now have an image in your head of the ideal customer.  What are they doing now?  And what will they be doing once they have made a purchase?  They have a problem, a pain in their life, that your product or service will alleviate…what is it?

Why is your product or service the best for their problem?

You might not think you have any competition, but your prospective customer DOES have alternative choices.  They don’t have to pick you, they can pick something else.  Now, if you’re sitting on one side of a table with all the other alternatives, and your customer is sitting on the other side of the table, why would they pick you?

What action do they need to take to buy?

How do you make the most of your sales?

Do customers come in to the store?  Include your location (NOT your address.)

Do they order from a website?  Include your website.

Do they call and place an order?  Include your phone number.

Not all three – just one.

Is there something you can add to sweeten the deal?

25% off for new customers…Buy a one year subscription, get 3 months free…Buy one, get one free…Can you add something to really turn heads?

There is more you can do, and these foundation questions will put you way past the competition. And don’t take the first answer that pops into your head.  Dig deep and come up with some really great, ironclad answers.  Answers that will make you the one and only choice in the consumers’ mind.

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