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Advertising Tips You Can Apply NOW

Here are some advertising tips you can apply to your next commercial.  Many of these tips are universal and apply to all forms of advertising.  Some of these tips are specific to radio.

Radio, television, print, online – whatever the medium – it’s the same thing over and over.  The basic fundamentals of advertising are constantly overlooked, ignored, or just plain forgotten.

The bad news is:  chances are your ads fall into this category.  The good news is: so do your competition’s ads.  And now that you’re here reading these advertising tips, it won’t be long until you pass them by!

  • 95% of local advertising is terrible.
  • 4% of local advertising is good.
  • 1% of local advertising is really good.

Just to get out of the bad 95% doesn’t take much!

Simple things like…

…will put you head and shoulders above your competition.

Deeper concepts like…

…will really blow your competition out of the water.

Read a few of the articles, skim some of the others, you’ll be well on your way to reinventing your advertising.

When you’re ready, contact us and we can take you the rest of the way.



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