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Radio Commercials for Pizza Restaurants

I’ve been involved with pizza places for a loooong time. One of my first jobs after I graduated from high school, was delivering for a famous pizza franchise – and this was back when we HAD to be there in less than 30 minutes or it was free!!  😉

A pizza radio commercial is not just a list of ingredients on “dough made this morning and the freshest toppings”.  Your radio commercials need to show your personality.

Radio Advertising Spots

For the Jet’s Pizza franchises in Knoxville, we have adopted the “Jet Man” as the lead character in the commercials.




…and, while I don’t recommend breaking with your branding, the owners in Knoxville wanted something…ahem, “different” for Thanksgiving.


Punxsy Pizza - Radio Marketing

Another favorite of mine is Punxsy Pizza in Punxsutawney, PA (home of the groundhog turned weather man).

We’ve been creating their ads for years – it has been great working with Scott Anthony.  (And if you own or manage your own pizza restaurant – franchise or private label – you NEED Scott’s book!  No, I don’t get a cut if you buy it…but you gotta buy it!)






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