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Mon 19 Sep 2016

Are you shooting yourself in the sales foot?

“There’s one principle we know about the psychology of selling for sure:  the confused mind decides nothing.” -Ray Edwards, How To Write Copy that Sells Your […]
Tue 1 Mar 2016
evaluate radio commercial

Building Your Radio Commercial: Part 2 – “Goals”

Kind of like the first article in this series…we need to look at one thing. This will dictate the commercial structure itself, it will reveal how you evaluate […]
Tue 23 Feb 2016
tv advertising

The Power of Radio No Other Advertising Can Touch

One of the most powerful elements to radio advertising doesn’t even have to do with the commercial. It stems from the commercial, but it isn’t the […]
Tue 16 Feb 2016

Building Your Radio Commercial: Part 1 – “What”

The other day, I received a script request from a salesperson for a local swimming pool contractor.