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3 Fatal Mistakes in Your Radio Commercial

VOmicrophone_CarbonArcThere is a right way and a wrong way to create a radio commercial. Unfortunately, most of what you hear on the radio is the wrong way.

There are tons of ways to write a bad commercial, I’m going to cover the top 3 I run into every day.  Hopefully, it’ll get your gears turning to create something new for your business.

1:  Bragging

I’m sure you’ve heard these before:  We’ve been in business for over x years…Combined 123 years experience…Friendly knowledgeable staff…We treat you like family…

Of course you have.  They’re all over the airwaves.  Yes, they could be listed in the next section about cliches, but what are those lines really saying?

They strut around proclaiming:  “Look at us! We’re the best!”


And nobody wants to hear anybody bragging.  It’s a turn off – or better, it’s a “turn off that station”.

2:  Cliche’s All Over The Place

We’ve heard tons of these.  In fact, I got a request to produce a commercial that was nothing but the top cliches in radio.

Hey {City}!  {Store} is the answer for all your battery needs. Located on {Street} in north {City}, {Store} has motorcycle, boat, car, truck, and lawnmower batteries, you name it, {Store} has the battery you need to get the job done! {Store} has the largest selection and best prices in {City}, including motorcycle and marine, with an experienced staff to answer any questions. {Store} is open Monday through Saturday but closed on Sundays. Go to {Store} dot com or call 555 1212

If you sell batteries, you could you change {Store} and {City} and it could be your ad, right? If that’s the case, it’s a bad ad.

Your radio commercial should only apply to you and no other – not your competition, not another store across the country.

3:  Menu

I hear this with restaurants and bars most of the time, and plenty of other industries are guilty of it, too.

“Join us every night for happy hour…Tuesday night is karaoke…Wednesday is Ladies Night…Throwback Thursday!…Friday is Live Bands…and Saturday, come get your groove on with Saturday Night Fever…”

There might be a slight description for each one of those, time permitting, but basically, they just held up the calendar to the microphone.

Again, if your competition can hold a mic

to the calendar,

or their menu,

or their list of services,

or their list of products,

and you could just change the name to make it yours…

it’s a bad ad.

Again, look at the big boys:

Coke wants to be different from Pepsi.

McDonald’s wants to be different from Burger King.

Advance Auto Parts wants to be different from AutoZone.

Nike wants to be different from Reebok.

And vice versa, of course.

Now, what are you going to cut from your commercials?  And what are you going to add next time?  Add your comments below.

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