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Advertising Advice from Mom

Your mom was right.

Remember when you wanted to do what all your friends were doing, and Mom said, “If they jumped off a cliff would you do it too?”

Stand Out From the Crowd

Stand Out From the Crowd

Remember when you wanted the new fancy “thing-a-ma-bob” because all your friends were getting one (when actually, only one or two friends not all) and she didn’t get it for you.

And most important, remember when you wanted to be “just like him” and Mom said, “But then you wouldn’t be you, you’d be him.”

The same is true in your advertising.

I was speaking with a colleague who had created a Valentine’s Day spot for a furniture store client…As he described it, it’s a humorous spot where the wife “seduces” the husband into buying her a new bedroom set of furniture.  But the client wanted “roses, chocolates and jewelry” – the typical Valentine’s Day fare…just like everyone else.

Being another “red ad in a sea of red” does you no good.

It’s just like the stereotypical car ad:  shouting, explosions, lasers and reverb.  When car ads sound like “car ads” how could you possibly expect to get your message through the crowd of car dealerships who are shouting something similar?  At best, your message will be confused for someone else!

The question is:  do you want to be on stage, with a bunch of your competition trying to shout over each other?

Or would you rather be the only one on stage, with a private audience?

Mom was right.

Be yourself.  Be original.


Image courtesy of Steven Depolo

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