Are you shooting yourself in the sales foot?

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Tue 15 Mar 2016
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Fri 30 Sep 2016
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Are you shooting yourself in the sales foot?

“There’s one principle we know about the psychology of selling for sure:  the confused mind decides nothing.”

-Ray Edwards, How To Write Copy that Sells

Your radio ad starts to play.

You connect with your potential customer, you show them you understand their problem, you prove your company/business/product/service is the answer to their woes.

They are ready to buy, and at the end of the commercial, you snatch the sale from their hands and you leave them hanging.

Ray Edwards is one of – if not THE – foremost copywriter in the US, probably the world.  He can write a letter that can generate $10MM dollars in revenue, and he charges handsomely for it, too.

Like Ray Edwards says, “the confused mind decides nothing.”

And I have seen confusion at the end of a radio commercial 99.9% of the time.

And it is so simple to fix.

Ray goes on to say,

“If you make too many requests of a (listener) in a single (commercial) they will…move on to something else.  They won’t…make any decision.”

How does your radio commercial end?

  1.   “Go to the website and order yours today!”


2.  “You can see the complete inventory on our website.  Check out our Facebook page, or stop in and speak with a friendly, knowledgeable associate today.”

My experience tells me, it’s probably #2.

You think you’re being friendly and nice and unpushy – what you’re doing is giving them three different things to do, it’s confusing and they do nothing.

Ray calls it the “Most Wanted Response”.

“It needs to be one thing.  What is the one thing that you most want them to do?”

Depending on the goals of the commercial or campaign, you will define your “one thing”.

It’s not hard to cut it down from three things to one…but it does take guts.

I advise clients all the time:  for better results, pare it down to one thing.  They hear what I say, it makes sense, but they’ve been doing it the other way (the wrong way) for so long, it’s hard to break the habit.

Don’t be tempted to throw in the website, Facebook page, Twitter handle, Pintrest account, phone number and address…

What is the one thing you want your potential customer to do?  What is the next step in the buying sequence?

That’s the one thing to put in your commercial.

You’ll have no confusion, and you’ll have more customers buy.

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