Funeral home radio commercials are a touchy subject. Heck, anything to do with our own mortality is a touchy subject.

Whether it’s funeral homes, preplanning our funeral, even life insurance, we really don’t like to talk about it. Sure it’s inevitable. But that doesn’t mean we can talk about it.

Here are two radio commercials that deal with the subject from different perspectives.

life insurance radio commercial ads

Life Insurance Radio Commercial

First, life insurance to cover your “final expenses”. A matter-of-fact delivery with a “protect your family” overtone.

Client: American Century Life Insurance
Commercial: :60 seconds – Final Expenses


Radio commercial production for lefdahl funeral home

Funeral Home Radio Commercial

Nobody likes to talk about preplanning their own funeral. Take a more acceptable scenario, and apply the same feeling, you have a winner.

Client: Lefdahl Funeral Home
Commercial: :30 seconds – Preplanning



Funeral home or life insurance, it’s all a very emotional subject.

Imagine a friend putting a firm hand on your shoulder, looking you straight in the eye, and saying, “Face it…”

No more tip-toeing around the subject or ignoring the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Your customers can relate to and appreciate a gentle yet direct approach.

For your funeral home or life insurance company, contact us today. Our specialists will be able to craft a great radio commercial for your business. One that takes a similar approach with your specifics in mind.