Life Insurance Radio Commercial

American Century Life is an insurance company which offers policies strictly for residents in Texas.Life Insurance Radio Commercials


The Challenge

Funerals, our own mortality, what happens to our family after we pass away.  Naturally, life insurance is not an easy subject to discuss.

You don’t want to be morbid or morose.  You don’t want to bring everybody down.

So, for this life insurance radio commercial, we decided to focus on how painless the minimal expense is.  We lightly mention the peace of mind and providing for your family.


Since Texans are very proud of their state, we felt we should at least address the connection without being overly “patriotic.”  If you try to “use” patriotism, your audience will see through it in an instant and be turned off.

These are smaller policies from $2000 to $25,000.  Most of the purchasers are over 60 years old, many on fixed income and really can’t afford a huge policy.


Life Insurance Radio Commercial

And this is what we came up with.  I really like the flow of this ad.  The smooth segue from one point to the next.  A little tug on the heart strings without being morose, and just a touch of the Texas flag.