With my most recent projects, I’ve been blessed to work with great people, incredibly fun business owners and wonderful agencies.

Each project has a different level of involvement.  Some I’ve written, voiced and produced from beginning to end, some they only needed me to write it – and every option in between. I am very proud of these recent projects.

  • United Transfers, LLC – A company that helps people get out of their timeshares.


  • Premier Roofing Services – Roofing and siding company in the Philadelphia area.


  • Wet and Forget – An amazing product for mold and mildew.
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          WaF_Shower-K A TV DIB LHI_30_030615


  • American Century Life – Life insurance company for the residents of Texas.


  • Chabad of Naples – 1972, Berlin Olympics.  An event featuring one of the 5 survivors from the Israeli Olympic Team.
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  • Pittsburgh Ballet – Ballet production of La Bayadere.


  • Seita Jewelers – Local jeweler in Pittsburgh.


  • Blue Martini – Club in Naples, FL


  • Dynamic Ceramic & Concrete – Concrete, stucco and stone company.


  • Flo’s Floral – Valentine’s Day commercial for a flower shop.




  • Pittsburgh Playhouse: The Boyfriend – Musical theatre production.