What they “wanted” was a typical:

“…family owned and operated…for all your concrete needs…over 25 years in the business…call us today…” type of ad.

That’s not advertising, that’s typing.

This company got something completely different.  I think I’d like a patio like this instead.


Ceramic and Concrete Radio Ad Voice

Here’s what you can expect when you sub-contract services with us for Radio Creative and Production:

Reliable turn-around on fully produced commercials or radio features.
No additional charges on rush jobs.
Quick response and consistent communication via phone or email throughout the entire creative process.
High quality production at a flexible price. Since you’ve already put the effort into selling the campaign to your client, all you need now is an effective commercial that will meet your clients expectations.
High quality Mp3 or Wav file delivery posted on our web site for convenient download. Distribution to radio stations as required.
Excellent copy interpretation with multiple voices available.
Attention to detail from start to finish.
Effective Copywriting also available.

About Nic Natarella

Nic NatarellaNic Natarella is the founder and owner of AdWise Creative and NicNatarella.com Voice Over.  He guides and directs the entire team and is personally and directly involved in every project that comes to AdWise Creative to ensure top notch deliverables and  maximize results for our clients.

Nic first started “on the air” back when he was eight years old…making cassette tape recordings of his “radio shows” on the living room stereo system.  (Which consisted of a turntable and built in cassette player.  You’ll have to google “turntable” and “cassette player” if you really want to know what they are.)

His first real airshift was just outside Nashville on the morning show as the news guy/sidekick.  Throughout his on-air career, he’s been the morning host, middays, afternoon fill-in and night time host.  And added station duties such as Program Director, Assistant Program Director, webmaster and Creative Services Director just to name a few.

Nic has written articles for Radio and Production Magazine, conducted copywriting seminars for radio salespeople, and crafted thousands of commercials for clients.  His voice has been used for projects from radio commercials and video games to corporate training materials and rock concerts.

If you really want to catch Nic’s attention, he’s a fan of classic cars from the ’40s and ’50s, and muscle cars from the ’60s and ’70s.  At home, he’s called shadetree mechanic, turf management supervisor, and natatorium support engineer.   Nic cheers for so many college football teams, you’ll either strike up an instant rapport or a rivalry.