I’m the lucky one to be associated with Wet & Forget, that’s for sure.

We’ve done radio commercials for a long time and even some video narration for them.  Truly a class act to work with.

Product Radio Advertising Voice

Below are two radio ads that we had the pleasure of providing voice over work for our client. As previously mentioned we had a great time being able to work on Wet & Forget.

Wet & Forget Outdoor

:30 Radio Commercial

      WaF_Outdoor-A TV DIB LHI_30_030615


Wet & Forget Shower

:30 Radio Commercial

      WaF_Shower-K A TV DIB LHI_30_030615

We take pride in providing quality, effective voice over work at an affordable rate and it’s our steadfast dedication to unrivaled customer service support that has fueled our growth. We make it easy to provide great work for all of our clients in a variety of different industries.