Having the right copywriting information for your radio spot is critical when it comes to a successful campaign. Most radio commercials fall into two categories when it comes to copywriting:

  1. A laundry list of products or services
  2. A laundry list of products or services dressed up like dialog.

You will find yourself hearing some of the same phrases from one radio commercial to another even though they are discussing different services. How is that possibly working?

Having the right content for your radio spot is important and it could be what puts your commercial above your competition. Without great copywriting to distinguish yourself from the competition you will find yourself sounding just like the rest of the local commercials.

Not sure what a bad radio ad sounds like? Listen below. This is why companies like Coca-Cola don’t use them.

Not A Coca-Cola Ad

      Not A Coca-Cola Ad

Have you ever heard Home Depot, Budweiser, or Right Guard use this type of copy for their radio advertising campaigns? The answer is no. Below we discuss two copywriting rules that should always be followed when creating a successful ad or campaign.

Rule #1

Your ads should be about your customer not your business.

I see radio scripts all the time that say:  We have the best selection, lowest prices, conveniently located.  We have the friendliest service, we treat you like family, we’ve been in business for “X” years.

That’s called “bragging”.  Have you ever given anyone money for bragging?  I know I haven’t.

When you change your advertising and make your customer the focus, their needs the subject, and their desires the priority, your company becomes the hero.

You’ll make many more sales as the hero than you will as a bragger.


Rule #2

Customers buy with emotion and justify the purchase logically. Your radio commercial needs to talk to the person’s emotion. Many years ago, I was buying a used car. The dealership let me take it for a test drive and keep it overnight. I was walking through my living room and glanced out the window. The car was sitting in my driveway and it looked real good. I bought the car the next day and yes it was an emotional purchase.

When I spoke with my friends I let them know I received a great deal, interest rate and low payments. That was my logical purchase.

If you are willing to let go of all the old crutches and radio cliches from the typical commercial contact us today!

Adwise Creative will create a radio commercial that will connect you with new and existing customers.