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So what is voice over talent, and who has it? Not everyone. But more people than you might think:

  • If you enjoy reading aloud to people, or telling stories, you may have voice over talent.
  • If you want to be heard, but prefer not to be on-camera.
  • If you’re a teacher, you may have it.
  • If you’re an actor, you probably have it (especially if you’re a TV or film actor).
  • If you’re a creative salesperson and enjoy the personal selling process, you may have it.
  • If you’re a broadcaster, you may have it (although you might have to practice sounding “natural”).
  • If you were the class clown, you may have it.
  • If you know the vocabulary and concepts of a technical subject where people need training or education, you may have it.
  • If you speak at work, give presentations, or record the voice over for your company’s telephone systems, you may have it.

The list is virtually endless. Do you see the common denominator? People who enjoy expressing themselves aloud, people who understand the storytelling, emotion and salesmanship that is often at the core of personal conversation, people who enjoy exploring their own abilities and various ways of doing something, people who are comfortable with a specialized vocabulary … these people may have an unusually high measure of ability that they might turn into becoming a professional voice talent.

On the other hand, if you:

hate to read…

feel there is only one right way to do something…

think details are unimportant…

don’t wish to learn how to become a true voice over professional…

don’t have the time to invest in doing it yourself…

then maybe you should plan on contacting voice over talent agency like Adwise Creative today!!

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