Testimonials & Awards

We don’t believe in awards.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to work with some pretty incredible writers, voice over actors and producers.  These are awards for commercials we’ve worked on, but we did not enter the contest – someone else entered the contest and we had a small part in the commercial.

See, when you look at the criteria for most contests, it has to do with “a new approach” or “outside-the-box thinking”.  Mostly creative criteria.  Creativity is subjective.  How can you possibly determine if one creative idea is more creative than the other one?  Whoever sponsors the contest seems to think they can.

What is the purpose of advertising?

It’s to bring in more customers so you – your business – can make a sale.

I’ve never seen an advertising contest with the criteria:  “Greatest Increase In Gross Sales”.  Hmmm…

We win awards every day.

When our clients call up and say, “Stop the ad!  We’re sold out!” or “We’re completely booked!” or “I cry every time I see your ad.”  (When someone says they “see” your radio ad…that’s as good as it gets.)

We’d love to write an “award-winning ad” for you.

Below are the ads that have garnered some acrylic trophies or paper certificates.

Scroll past these for the real awards.


AAFGNV_LogoUnveil_2015AdFed of Gainesville, ADDY Award:  Outstanding Radio Commercial.

Park Place Car Wash – Santa’s Workshop.

MARC Radio – Producer:  Kyle Baldry, Announcer:  Nic Natarella

      Park Place Car Wash Christmas




Pennsylvania Advertising Bureau, Outstanding Radio Commercial.

Flower Gallery – Mother’s Day.

Writer:  David Neely, Producer:  Clifford Olds, Announcer:  Nic Natarella



RadioMercuryRadio Mercury Awards, Finalist Radio Station Category.

Flower Gallery – Mother’s Day.

Writer:  David Neely, Producer:  Clifford Olds, Announcer:  Nic Natarella



(Yeah…it’s the same one.  It just keeps on winning.)


GoldenADDY-AwardsSouth Dakota Advertising Federation, Golden Addy Award :60 Radio Commercial and Best In Class Radio Commercial :30 or :60.

Stampede – Office Party

Writer:  Mark Nelson, Producer:  Mark Nelson, Office Manager:  Nic Natarella, Announcer:  Mark Nelson



430_PAB_Color_LogoPennsylvania Advertising Bureau, Outstanding Radio Commercial.

Flower Gallery – Christmas 2013

Writer: David Neely, Producer:  Nic Natarella,  Scrooge: Josef Pepin, Cratchet: Darren Marlar, Passerby:  Nic Natarella

      A Christmas Carol Card



Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of doing some really good campaigns for some really good people. Here’s what they had to say.


Michael Guarnieri

Founder & CEO, Nu Media Mix, San Antonio, TX

Michael had a meeting with a client and wanted a “2nd set of eyes” on what he was about to present.  We went over some scripts and he went to the meeting.  Later that night, I get a text:

You wrote winning copy today!

He got the account!


Dr. David Perna, DC, CCSP, CCEP

Owner/Chiropractor, Back and Body Medical, New York, NY

Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for the ad. I sent it to my consultant to review. He said it was perfect and he would NEVER change it.  He has never said that before. Great job!”



WBGLlogoJason Rackow

Imaging Director, WBGL Champaign, IL

“…you appear to flow in a level of creative writing that some merely dream of.”


jewelryBill Sites

Owner of Sites Jewelers, Clarksville, TN.

Regarding the commercials he records himself:  “You make me sound so good.”


jbg-frontLogoBill Berry

General Sales Manager in Knoxville, TN.

The subject line of an emailed request:  “I need your genius…”


Chris Cassell

Founder and Owner of Cilantro Tamales Mexican Restaurant, Naples, FL

Regarding his campaign:  “People come in all the time asking questions. The stuff they’re asking about, I know they got the idea from the radio commercial. You’re a genius.”


Albert Berkshire

Owner and Artistic Director of an ad agency in Canada.

In an email to an organization made up of radio producers and writers…”Probably the best writer in the group.”

…and more recently,

“I forgot how great a voice actor/character actor Nic really is…so a reminder for you of how Nic can take a script, and make magic.”

Mr. Turf



DiveFlagRoss and Nicole Gassaway

Owners of Naples Dive Center, Naples, FL

Regarding their summer scuba diving camps:  “We’re full!  We’re completely booked!”


Jennifer Morgan

Account Executive at a Radio Station in Knoxville, TN.

“Again. Great work! I love it. I have to tell you that I am so thankful for your talent. These spots that you’ve done for me have helped so much . . . Thank you.”


Brittany Stephens

Account Executive at a Radio Station in Knoxville, TN.

“Nic you are soooo great!!  Thanks so much, the client is going to love these! Thanks again!!!”