You don’t think God is involved with your advertising?

Are you shooting yourself in the sales foot?
Mon 19 Sep 2016
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You don’t think God is involved with your advertising?

I have said this many times:  I want your advertising to grow your business so you can donate, give, and volunteer more and change the world.

That’s our purpose at AdWise Creative.

And like anyone who is taking this walk of faith, there are a lot of times I gotta wonder, is He listening?

Is He paying attention?

Does He really see what’s going on?

Yeah.  He does.

Below is an email I just received from an Account Executive, and my reply.

And if you want to hear the commercial, it’s at the bottom.

Hey Nic,

Just wanted to give you a mad shout out and thank you for this spec.

Why? I gave you a skeleton to work from. You dug deep, very deep.  The result was the spec.

It gets way better!

The copy that you created was based on a woman by the name of Rhonda.  You obviously found her story somewhere on their site.

Today, I went to Goodwill attempting to make something happen.  I spoke with the gate keeper.  I told her that I really wanted to meet with her marketing director as I have a really good idea that I would like to share.  I let her hear the spec.  She immediately burst into tears.  Her name is Rhonda and the spot was about her.

Awesome sauce, and I cannot begin to thank you enough!

….and my reply.

I’m glad you like the spot and I’m floored at your story.
But that was obviously not me.
I don’t know where you are in your faith, but for all of that to line up and fall into place…that is, what I call, “a God thing”.
When He moves, He moves BIG.  I’m shaking…and I’m in tears.
Thanks for telling me.  I can’t wait to show my wife.
I’m still shaking…and in tears.
      Goodwill Industries - Employment

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